How It All Began...

Pure & Clean began out of two core convictions:

The first being that I wanted to add value to busy families who found it difficult to keep their homes clean and in order. I strongly believe that our homes should be a sanctuary, beckoning us home after a long day away. But unfortunately, for so many, their homes do not feel like a sanctuary- rather they feel like a second full-time job! I wanted to help busy families create safe, clean, and chemical-free homes to get back to what matters most - SPENDING TIME WITH EACH OTHER.

Secondly, I wanted a way to earn money for mission trips. I grew up in a house that valued cleanliness and organization, thus I continue to live in these rhythms. I have become quite efficient in my ability to both clean and organize, no matter the mess. Over the years I have cleaned homes as a way to raise funds for various mission trips (Ethiopia, Dominican Republic, Peru, India, etc), and then it struck me! Why not create a business that helps me to constantly raise funds for causes I believe in! From this idea, Pure & Clean was birthed.

Pure & Clean is committed to creating safe and clean spaces. We believe that an organic and chemical-free home is the most enjoyable home. I believe if we do our job right then we can enable our customers to do the thing they love most - being a family.

Thank you for stopping by and I know I’ll hear from you soon!